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Ballet Face Masks

Looking for a one-of-a-kind custom face mask for ballet, performance or wedding?

Tutu Theatre is now making fancy face masks to help you follow mask requirements in style!

Our Ballet Face Masks are made with the leftover fabrics and trims from many of our most popular tutus, finished with hand glued Swarovski crystals for a little extra sparkle!

We’ve lined them in cotton for comfort, and they feature a wire in the nose to shape them to your face, and sliding adjusters on the ear loops so you can easily control how they fit.

They’re a great way for us to recycle pieces of fabric too small to use for a costume, and they’re a great way for you to own a part of your favorite tutu. We recommend that they be carefully hand washed, and can be laid flat or line dried.

We also do custom orders from dancers planning to match their mask to their costume for an upcoming performance, orders from brides and bridesmaids to match their dresses, and orders from people who just want to show off their sparkly personality every day!

If you are a ballet studio looking to order several masks to resell on-site to your dance students, we are taking bulk orders for our Cotton Ballet Facemasks.

Order A Mask

For Rush Orders Call +1-740-219-9199
M-F, 10AM to 6PM EST

Limited Quantities so don’t delay! 

Shipping and Handling

USPS Shipping is paid in advance. Shipping prices vary based on the dimensions and weight of the package but one mask is typically $4. Due to Covid, shipping times may vary.

Local customers can arrange pick-up in the Canton, Ohio area.

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