Production Rentals

In addition to our soloist variation rentals, Tutu Theatre has groups of costumes available for several different ballets; these are perfect for studio owners or directors who are expanding their repertoire with a new production and don’t have costumes or for those looking for a fresh update to their production. These Ballet Production Rentals are designed so that they complement each other, creating a cohesive image on stage.


Our coordinating Paquita set includes a burgundy tutu and bodice for the title role, gold and ivory brocade jacket for Lucien, light pink tutus and bodices for soloist roles, and white corps de ballet classical tutu and bodices. All are decorated with gold lace trim, appliques, and finished with Swarovski crystals. All tutus have matching arm ruffles and rose headpieces decorated with gold and Swarovski crystals for accessories.

Sleeping Beauty Princess Florine and Bluebird

Princess Florine and the Bluebird are guests at Aurora’s Wedding in the third act of The Sleeping Beauty. Their pas de deux is considered to be a highlight of the ballet, and these costumes will surely help these characters come to life on stage.

  • Princess Florine Rental
  • Bluebird Men’s Jacket Rental

Snow Scene – The Nutcracker

Our costumes for the snow scene will make a beautiful, sparkling addition to your production of The Nutcracker.

  • Snow Queen Rental
  • Snow King Jacket Rental
  • Snow Corps Rentals (Number Available)

Sleeping Beauty Fairies

The fairies in The Sleeping Beauty are ethereal creatures who come to bestow their gifts upon the baby Princess Aurora. Different versions of the ballet often give them different names, but one thing never changes, the fairies are always a sparkling part of the production, and these costumes are no exception to this.

  • Ivory and Gold Men’s Jacket Rental
  • Silver and White Men’s Jacket Rental
  • Blue Fairy Rental
  • Yellow Fairy Rental
  • Coral Fairy Rental
  • Mint Green Fairy Rental
  • Light Pink Fairy Rental
  • Tangerine Fairy Rental
  • Coordinating Tiaras Available
  • Coordinating Arm Ruffles Available

La Bayadere

Our Gamzatti tutu includes ivory net tutu and gold textured brocade Russian bodice. Solor’s pants and vest are made of white stretch satin with gold accents. Costumes for the corps feature a white tutu skirt with a Russian style bodice made of hand dyed purple textured brocade fabric. All costumes feature gold trim and Swarovski crystal accents. Matching headpieces and arm ruffles are also available.

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