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Shine On Stage


Custom ballet costumes and tutu rentals for ballet competitions, ballet theater productions, and guest artists.

High Quallity

Quality You Can See & Feel


Our workmanship crafts a ballet costume
that will set the stage aglow.

High Quallity

Custom & Bulk Orders


Choose from ballet-themed cotton fabric or sparkly tutu style.

What We Can Do

Tutu Theatre specializes in both custom ballet costumes and rentals. These include classical tutus, romantic tutus, children’s tutus, practice tutus, men’s tunics, and tiaras. We also make other theatrical costumes and garments such as crowns and corsets. Our newest adventure is specialized COVID ballet-themed or wedding face masks.

Bringing your dream costume to life is our job, so please, contact us about your custom order today. Keep in mind that we need some time to create your custom order, so contact us ahead of time so your costume can be ready for your performance. We will ship our products anywhere in the USA.

Location photo courtesy of Alexis Ziemski Photography. Outdoor and studio ballet photography courtesy of Eva Nys Photography and Stacey Severt. Performance Photo of North Pointe Ballet Company courtesy of Left of Center Photography.

Ballet Tutu & Costume Rentals

Our rental costumes are a perfect, and often more budget-friendly option for someone who wants a quality tutu for their performance or competition, but doesn’t want to purchase a costume that won’t be used again after that show or may be grown out of in a season.

  • Type:  Choose from Soloist, Men’s, Corps de Ballet, Tiara & Headpiece Categories.
  • Ballet:  Need a costume for a ballet competition? Selection is easy! Browse rentals by ballet.
  • Color:  Looking for a particular color ballet costume? A gorgeous green La Esmeralda perhaps? View by color.

Custom Ballet Tutus & Costumes

Looking for a one-of-a-kind ballet tutu or dance costume for a your performance or competition? Tutu Theatre works with each client to develop an exquisite costume to meet their unique needs and budget. Tutu Theatre’s professional quality can be seen inside and out!

Custom Ballet Face Masks

Looking for a one-of-a-kind custom face mask for ballet, performance or wedding? Tutu Theatre is now making one-of-a-kind masks to help you follow mask requirements in style! Choose from several Fancy Tutu Designs or Ballet & Nutcracker Cotton Fabric with you choice of white lining or reversible patterns. Bulk orders for ballet and dance studios are welcome.

Shine on Stage

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