Custom Classical Tutus

Without a doubt, the classical tutu is an icon of ballet. It is used for many roles in many different ballets and is especially important for soloist and principal roles.

Performance Tutus

Tutu Theatre’s classical performance tutus are the traditional flat “pancake” style tutus. They usually consist of 9-12 layers of stiff net. We can insert a hoop into the layers, which will make the tutu stand out flatter and help keep it from drooping over time. The top layer is always pleated by hand, and other layers can be as well, at your request. This technique also helps the tutu stand out straight, as well as giving a beautiful finished look.

These tutus are usually sold with a matching bodice, and are often decorated. However, we can work with you to make a performance tutu that fits your needs.

Featured Dancers – Sierra Severt, Ohio Conservatory of Ballet. Stacey Severt Photography.