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Ballet Tutu & Costume Rentals

Tutu Theatre has over 100 in-stock ballet classical and romantic tutu rentals. We have costumes for many different solo variations and several sets for pas de deux and corps de ballet – perfect for ballet competitions, gala performances AND ballet productions.

Don’t see a rental that will work for your needs?
Many of our costumes are designed so that decorations on the bodice and tutu can be switched easily for different roles. We also offer an option where we design a new rental costume for your performance. Contact Us with your specifications. We are constantly adding costumes for different ballet variations!

Need a headpiece or other accessory to complement your costume?
Our rental listings suggest tiaras or other items that may be paired with the costume. View Tiara & Headpiece Rentals.

Reserve Your Rental

For Rush Rentals Call +1-740-219-9199
M-F, 10AM to 6PM EST

Popular rentals are booked 6-8 months in advance so don’t delay! 

Narrow Your Search

Find your perfect ballet competition or performance costume rental using our filter tools! Browse by category or color. If you’d like to see our complete rental collection on page sorted by title, visit All Rentals.

TutuTheatre Ballet Costume Rentals are perfect for classical ballet variations performed at ballet competitions including Youth American, Grand Prix, Prix de Lausanne, USA’s International Ballet Competition (IBC), ADC IBC, WBAC GrandPrix and The American Ballet Competition.

Price Per Day

$ 40

24 Hour Ballet Costume Rentals for photoshoots, YAGP, ADC, USAIBC or Prix de Lausanne ballet competition variations. Canton, Ohio area pick-up only.

Price Per Week

$ 135

Per Week Ballet Costume Rentals for YAGP, ADC, USAIBC or Prix de Lausanne long-distance ballet competition variations.

Price Per Month

$ 400

Per Month Ballet Costume Rentals for preprofessional ballet studio & ballet company performances and film productions.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and pre-paid return shipping is an additional charge paid by the client in advance. Shipping prices vary based on the dimensions and weight of the package. We include your pre-paid return shipping label in the box.

Currently, we prefer to use USPS priority mail as our primary method of shipping, as packages arrive in 1-3 days and are trackable. Once a package is shipped, we will send you an email with the tracking number.

Local customers can arrange pick-up in the Canton, Ohio area.

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